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The Don’ts

By C3 Real Estate | July 18, 2019

When preparing to buy a new home there is the Do’s and Don’t list as well as the pros and cons list. Here is a list of the things you don’t want to do when preparing to buy a new home. The list may seem simple but many people still do the don’t’s. Help yourself…

Storm Damage

By C3 Real Estate | July 11, 2019

I have a friend in Louisville who was recently complaining about all her flowers taking over her yard. It really wasn’t a complaint, just her wondering how she was going to tackle trimming it all back. Her garden belongs around a small cottage in the English countryside. It sometimes creeps out onto the sidewalk and…

Fear of Buying

By C3 Real Estate | July 4, 2019

Making a home purchase decisions will bring about fear. The fear of always questioning if the home is the right decision or not. The scales can be weighed and the decision clear but the fear is still there. When deciding to buy a home, fear is a definable aspect that can result in regrets. Here…