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Real Estate Agent Roles

By C3 Real Estate | December 6, 2019

Sometimes it is difficult to define real estate agent roles when talking to friends. I recently had a friend become pre-approved to buy a new home! I am so excited that he can start the process of finding his own place and no longer renting. While we were talking about his options he mentioned that…

Snow Shoveling

By C3 Real Estate | November 29, 2019

All I can say is, “wow!” to snow shoveling! What a way to break in the new snow shovel I just purchased. All my new neighbors warned me, after moving into my new house, that I would need a snow shovel. Who would have thought that buying a new home in Fort Collins that I…

Home Tech Gifts

By C3 Real Estate | November 22, 2019

Home tech gifts seem to be at the top of everyone’s list this year. For Christmas, it seems like it would be easy to pick something out for a few close friends. However, as we get older, it is getting harder and harder to buy meaningful gifts. I asked a tech friend of mine if…