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If you want to look inside, then you need to apply!

By C3 Real Estate | March 21, 2019

If you want to look inside, then you need to apply, with a mortgage lender! Spring is a fantastic time to start to looking for a new home to buy. If you are really considering buying a new home it is time to approach a mortgage lender. Most Real Estate Agents, no matter how well…

Fort Collins St Patrick’s Weekend

By C3 Real Estate | March 14, 2019

Part of the charm about buying a home in small or smaller community are the events that take place. It is great to take the family, somewhere local, on the weekend to participate in the celebrations. It is good to be able to celebrate the more known events as well as ones that have been…

Floor Plan Apps

By C3 Real Estate | March 7, 2019
floor plan

So you have decided to buy a new home that is a fixer upper or one that needs a remodel. It is so exciting to be able to design something the way you want it. There are so many positives as to why being able to remodel is so popular, just turn on the DIY…