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Why I like my HOA

I recently had a conversation with a buddy of mine who lives out east. He was complaining of a neighbor of his using an ATV. We grew up together using recreational machines and having fun on ATV’s so at first I wasn’t certain why he was complaining, until he told me more. My buddy lives in a residential neighborhood just north of a city. He knows country living and the benefits of being rural. However, recently a neighbor with less than a postage stamp sized property bought an ATV and has been using it, and revving it excessively all day long.

I joked with him that there was a house for sale in my neighbor and he could come buy a home in Colorado. He knows that I live in a community with an HOA and he always tries to rile me up about it. This time, in this conversation, I point out all the reasons I love living in my HOA.

Feeding on his complaint of the noise from his neighbor, I point out that living in an HOA has nuisance rules and ordinances that govern the community. What his neighbor does in that neighborhood would not happen in mine. People are more respectful in HOA communities because it isn’t just an assurance of rules but it is also an investment.

My buddy is very financially motivated and is working toward early retirement. I point out that living in an HOA can have a return investment because property values are protected. Having a nuisance neighbor isn’t going to drop property value. Plus there are so many more added benefits.

There are so many reasons I enjoy living in an HOA in Colorado. It’s one of the main reasons I chose the community I did. It has great amenities for my family, like a pool, walking paths, and a really nice weightlifting-gym center. There is also a very strong sense of community and everyone is always up for a hike, bike ride, or going to a local brewery for some social time. My family and I are always happy to have engagement with our neighbors but also like enjoying time on our own patio with beautiful views within our beautiful well kept neighborhood.

At the end of the conversation my buddy finally agreed that my HOA sounded like a good idea. He even asked me to send him information on the property that was for sale in my neighborhood. I sent him the information and the contact info for my C3 Real Estate agent. I’m hoping he moves to Colorado soon. I’d love to have him in my HOA.