Visual Research

Most people have the luxury in this day and age to not have to buy or rent a home site unseen. With the availability of technology and the explosion of social media, being able to do visual research on a particular area has become more readily available. There are many different ways of finding out information about an area. Though there are many ways of doing reading and visual research, nothing beats getting the feel for an area. To do this, you need to physically go to the area you are thinking of buying a home in.

Recently there was a home that went up for sale in my neighborhood. I have not yet been inside this home. Most of the homes in my area were built around the same time period, and the few I have been in, have similar layouts and size. Since I work in the real estate industry, I am always keeping up with sale trends and prices. I went online as soon as I could to look at photos and read the specs. I was a little shocked at what I saw in the photos.

Camera Lens Angle

Wow! I am so amazed with the camera lens they used inside the home. If this was a home that I wasn’t familiar with, just by looking at the inside photos, I would consider the home large and spacious. In truth, I know the home is on the smaller side but the interior and carefully taken exterior photos, do well with the dimensions. From the online photos you cannot really tell that the house is in a neighborhood that have homes relatively close together and snug backyards.

Visual Context

It reminded me that in order to really get a feel, and to put visual research into context, that being able to actually see the property in person is a priority. There are some circumstances that this just isn’t possible but try and make it a priority if you can. Being able to see the curb appeal, the neighboring houses, the neighborhood and the town or city, will help in the decision making process.

We are visually stimulated through pictures and videos almost constantly in our daily lives. Try not and take for granted the information from your eyes. Being able to physically see a property will put into perspective all those photos that are posted in the listing. Once you decide that a property passes your curb appeal expectations, it’s time to look inside.