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Tornado Preparedness

A couple of years ago was my first trip to Colorado. I had flown into Denver airport. I was so excited to be visiting a place I had always wanted to see. I was excited for the mountains and being a mile high, and seeing the legendary Colorado blue sky. What I wasn’t prepared for was seeing signs for a tornado shelter within the Denver airport. I remember asking my friend about this and she affirmed that Colorado does indeed get tornadoes. Being originally from New England, I had no idea about tornado preparedness, other than from watching movies. If you are going to buy a home in Colorado here are some twister preparedness tips.

Be Aware

The first tip I received was to be aware of weather conditions. This is a lot easier since most of us carry smart phones around with us that will alert if there are hazardous weather conditions approaching. However, even in Colorado there are multiple areas that are out of cell phone range. Your best bet is to plan and be prepared. The weather people are usually good about giving 24 hour advanced notice if conditions are going to be conducive for tornados. NOAA and radio stations will be broadcasting if an imminent tornado threat is occurring.

Be Prepared

There are over 47 tornados a year in Colorado. Most do occur in the desert region but they have been known to occur in Boulder and even further north. Don’t think that they can’t happen where you live. Be prepared with a safety plan for your family. Pick a gathering place in case you get separated. Let each of your family members know their responsibilities during the event. Grabbing a pet, grabbing an emergency kit, and meeting in the designated shelter spot. If you don’t have a tornado shelter go to the lowest, windowless, interior point of your home. If you live in an apartment, go to the central hallway in the middle of the building.

This is just a conversation starting point for what to do in case of a tornado. Essays, books, websites, and more have been written about what to do and where to go in almost every situation. Make sure you research what to do if you are driving, hiking, out walking, because these are all scenarios that occur during tornado season. Peak season for tornados in Colorado is May, June, and July. Keep you and your family safe by knowing what to do.