Time to Change

It is starting to get cold and is getting dark earlier. We just recently changed the clocks back and it’s time to admit that the season has now changed and that summer is now being put to bed. Holiday decorations can start making their way out of the closet, garage, or attic, and summer furniture and clothing need to be packed away. Does the thought of packing/unpacking or reorganizing daunt you? Are you running out of room when you need to switch out items for the season? Maybe this is a good time for you to declutter, reorganize, and donate some items to charity especially if you are thinking about buying or selling your home this year.
1. Clothing
While the seasons are changing this is the best time to assess what was actually worn over the summer. We become attached to clothing, giving it nostalgia and letting it bring back memories. Sometimes it is harder to let the physical item go because we are afraid the memory will go with it. Ask yourself a poignant question.
Did you actually wear all of your summer clothes? Are there particular outfits, shorts, shirts, or even swim suits that you didn’t even put on? Toss these into the donate bag first. Did you lose weight? Gain weight? It’s sometimes seems like a good idea to keep clothing that doesn’t fit as motivation to lose weight. Don’t. If you lose the weight and can fit into a smaller size, reward yourself with some new clothes! You deserve it!
2. Summer Decor and Furniture
Before sorting and storing away your summer items give them a good look over. Is anything worn and torn? Do you have an extra collection of chairs? Miscellaneous items? Did you put something out that you didn’t use? Do you want to go with a different theme next summer?
This is a good time to evaluate what you have, what you want, and what you need. Finding, trading, and purchasing items is so easy. Consider trying something new or cheaply replace something that has worn through. Don’t store that beach chair that has a hole in it, toss it and feel good about your decision.
3. Will it get fixed?
Do you have items sitting around that are broken or have stopped working? Do you think you or your spouse is going to fix them? How long have they been sitting unused? How much room do they take up? It is well and good to think that something can get fixed, or thinking that you need to keep an item for spare parts or if something else breaks. Again, in today’s day and age, even if you really want to fix something, say a coffee maker that broke, it costs more to try and find the specific part that has broke then to just buy a new one. Broken lawn mower? Sell it for scrape metal or parts and buy a new one next summer. This isn’t being wasteful, it’s recognizing that our time and effort is worth being able to spend with your family or friends than using precious time searching and struggling with repairs.
Use the season change as motivation to help reorganize and declutter your home. Take the time to go through items. Keep what is important and useable. Get rid of the rest. You can do this!