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The Benefits of Rain

rainy home

The saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers!” Though after the long winter we all just want some sunshine. We want to warm our bones and refresh our souls. Spring is a time of renewal and new beginnings. The flowers and trees are blooming, birds are singing, and the bugs are starting to buzz. It’s also a great time of year, to visit prospective houses, if you are looking to buy a new home.

Look in the Rain

I’m sure you think it’s a bit crazy to look at houses in the rain. Who wants to go out in the rain if it isn’t necessary? But rain can tell you a lot about a property, on the inside and the out. We are not always fortunate to be able to see a property in inclement weather, so if you do have a scheduled showing in the rain, take it.

When looking at a house you can only see so much. There are a lot of hidden quirks that the owner might not want you to know about, or doesn’t know themselves. Being able to view a property in the rain can give you an added benefit of seeing what you wouldn’t normally see.

The Roof and Basement

Take a good look at the roof while the rain is hitting it. How does it look? Where is it going? Ask if you can take a look inside the attic. This will be a great indication if there are any leaks in the roof or seams of the house. Once the attic has been checked, head the other direction and check the basement. This is a continuation to see if anything is traveling down the vent pipes from the roof and also seeing what is below ground.

Can you see any areas of mold? How does the basement smell? Is there a dampness to it or a dehumidifier going? Northern Colorado isn’t necessarily a water logged area, but it does get some heavy, nasty, wet weather every once in awhile. Take a look and sniff, and see what the rain and the house is telling you.

Standing Water

This is your chance to look around outside the house as well. Are there any areas with standing water? How is water draining off the house, gutters and downspouts working? What is the run-off affecting? What about the neighbors runoff? Is it creating a water logged area or absorbing smoothly into the ground? Ask your C3 Agent about recent flooding, and local waterways in the area. It’s always good information to have about where you water is running off too.

The Benefits of Rain

Being able to see a prospective property withstand the elements should be a good indicator as to what you are buying into. If there are problems you see, ask your C3 Agent what sort of arrangements are being made with the seller. Even if you do see a potential problem, it may be a good bargaining point for you and your agent. Good luck, and remember to bring your umbrella and boots with you!