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That View!

Rocky Mountains

If you are fortunate enough to be looking at buying a home in Colorado, you know one of the biggest features is the view! We sometimes take for granted the fact that our state is lined with the Rockies, that give a breathtaking view. Here are a few points to ponder when trying to figure out which house to buy with a view.

Mountains to the West

Most homes in the Loveland and Fort Collins area sit on the cusp of the Front Range. This offers an incremental step feature for different types of views. If the home you are thinking about sits a bit further east, your view of the range can be more of a panorama. The closer, and higher, you get to the Front Range, you may be able to start peaking over the shoulder to the RMNP. It’s always impressive to be able to see the snow capped peaks of the Rockies from a room in your house.

Plains to the East

Once you start rising up in elevation the view to the East starts opening up. Colorado is unique in elevation and it can be deceiving where points of land are. Eastern Colorado is starting to ride toward the plains and the sky starts to open up. You can see for miles and miles. If you are someone who is a bit claustrophobic, and wants the appearance of wide open sky, a home situated to look more east may be right for you.

The Sweet Spot

There are a lot of different types of houses to choose from. Once you are pre-approved (If You Want to Look Inside, You Need to Apply), start finding the view that is right for you. Give yourself time to look at houses on both sides of town. Open that front door and take in what you want to see. What view do you want to wake up to in the morning? Drink coffee looking at? Would you like to sit on a porch and watch the sunrise or the sunset? Both please! Enjoy the natural beauty of Colorado and take the time to choose your view.