Storm Damage

I have a friend in Louisville who was recently complaining about all her flowers taking over her yard. It really wasn’t a complaint, just her wondering how she was going to tackle trimming it all back. Her garden belongs around a small cottage in the English countryside. It sometimes creeps out onto the sidewalk and near the street, quickly becoming overwhelming in the good summer days. Well, since it is Colorado, she didn’t have to wait long for a hail storm to come through and do all her trimming for her. Her next conversation she was wondering if she should buy a home in a less storm prone area.

Luckily her storm damage was centered around her garden and a few trees. A few storms ago it got her roof. If you need a good job in Colorado, roof repair would be a good one. Kidding aside, having storm damage to your home can be overwhelming and hard to deal with. It is happening more and more in Colorado, especially over the past few years. Here are a few tips to keep your sanity.

Homeowners Insurance

This reminds me of the Farmers commercials on tv when they show the random or horrific storm damage that can occur. It doesn’t matter which company you have for homeowners insurance but you want to makes sure of your coverage. Make sure you are up to date, no lapses, and review your policy. With all the storms in Colorado it may be beneficial to get additional coverage and up your policy. Make sure you are covered for various storm damage.

Record Before and After

Visual evidence and documentation will really help when filing a claim with the insurance company. Try and take yearly photos of your property, on the outside and the inside. A just in case, photo evidence of what structures, landscape, and items on your property can help the assessors when working on claims. If you have a lot of valuables inside your home, such as artwork, electronics, and other higher ticket items, make sure you have documents. Receipts for these items kept in a lockbox or visual evidence and serial numbers can help you get a return if damaged and covered under homeowner insurance.

Stay Calm

Make sure you and your family are safe, especially right after a storm. When in doubt, leave the property and stay at a safe location. Realize that you, and many others, will be contacting and filing claims in the area. Don’t wait too long to call in the claim and schedule repairs. Be prepared, be patient, and be proactive.