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Staying Active

One of the biggest advantages of moving to Colorado is the community that you can stay active in. The only challenge with staying active is how much you want to do it. The motivation and the want maybe there but sometimes the changing of the seasons can make staying active challenging. The tendency to want to slow down when it gets colder is one that we all feel. However, one of the advantages of buying a new home is being able to choose an area that has active activities to participate in all year long. The challenge is keeping your body ready for the changing seasons. Here are a few tips to help transition to cold activities.


One of the biggest tips, as always, is to make sure you are hydrated. When you are hot and sweaty it is much easier to consume the required amount of water. Heck, it’s easy to just keep drinking water all day long. When the temps start to cool is when staying hydrated gets a bit more difficult. Filling up with hot beverages like tea and coffee make you feel less thirsty. Remember that although coffee and tea are great beverages when the weather turns, nothing beats the benefits of staying hydrated. One trick is to give yourself variety. There are plenty of bubbly, water drinks that contain no calories and sugars. These help with the craving of carbonation while getting water. Also, there are many fitness apps that help you track how much water you are consuming. Try and reach your goal every day and keep the hydration streak going.

Living in higher altitudes and preparing to participate in winter sports, such as skiing, winter hiking, and even hunting, you will need to stay hydrated. It is essential to battling the effects of elevation. Sometimes people who have lived in Colorado for a long time forget what can happen to the body living over a mile high. Not only do you need to keep hydrated to keep the blood flowing you need to be ready for sudden weather changes.

Layer Up

Depending on how close you are to the front range, the weather can change quickly and drastically in Colorado. You will warm up quickly if you are hiking or doing physical activity, but you can cool down just as rapidly. Make sure you have sufficient layers for whatever you are doing. If possible make sure you have extra, dry clothes with you or near at hand. One of the strongest factors of living in Colorado is dealing with the wind. Wind can snatch away your body temperature fast. If you are new to living in Colorado this is a great time to stop into your local outfitter shop and have a conversation about layers and the best type of clothes to be active in. There is a saying, “cotton kills.” It’s true.

Buying a home and living in Colorado can bring about many exciting adventures. Make sure you prepare for winter ones just like you prepare for summer. Take your time and make sure your body is ready for it. Start with walks around your neighborhood or join a group. There is safety in numbers. You can always find something to do, in all seasons in Colorado.