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Snow Shoveling

All I can say is, “wow!” to snow shoveling! What a way to break in the new snow shovel I just purchased. All my new neighbors warned me, after moving into my new house, that I would need a snow shovel. Who would have thought that buying a new home in Fort Collins that I would need a snow shovel so soon?! Well, everyone did. I’m glad I listened and within the first few days bought one. Now it is my goal to be the most efficient snow shoveler that I can be. So of course, I researched methods. Here is what I found out.

Goal #1 – Do Not Lift the Snow Twice!

This may seem like an easy task but it takes planning. The goal is to only have to lift the snow once. This doesn’t mean you can’t push it. The easiest shape to do this with is with a rectangle. Start by picking where the snow is going to end up. Start with the snow that is farthest away so that by the time you are finished you are closer to the pile. Make a perimeter line that will be where you are pushing the snow to the edge. The best place to start is in the middle of the rectangle and work your way outwards. Try and push as much snow as you can so that you only need to lift it once.

Goal #2 – Do Not Get Hurt

This recent snowfall was light and fluffy so it made for a good warm-up. However, even when light and fluffy snow can get heavy. It’s a repetitive movement that unless you go to the gym regularly, can make your muscles cry. To avoid getting hurt warm-up and stretch before beginning snow removal. It is an arduous task that can legit kill you. Be careful and don’t overexert yourself.

Goal #3 – Clear Everything

This may seem like the time to start hibernating but it’s not. Take the time to shovel walkways around the house as well as the driveway and sidewalks. Do you have a back deck or patio? It is good to remove the snow from these areas, every storm, as well. Why? Snow can damage wooden decks and seep into stone patios. Not only that but even if it starts as light snow it can quickly turn heavy or change to ice. It is best to remove all the white moisture away from areas of value as soon as possible.

Goal #4 – Enjoy Yourself

Once you are finished with the shoveling it is time to enjoy yourself. This calls for hot cocoa with marshmallows, adult coffee, or even a hot bath! Congratulate yourself on a job well done and enjoy the pristine white landscape.