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Simple Ways to Look Bigger

small house

The phrase, “Simple Ways to Look Bigger” may seem to not apply in the mainstream right now as it’s almost summer and people are trying to ramp of their summer bodies. But when you are in the real estate market and are looking to sell your home, trying to make your house look bigger than it is may help it sell faster.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a smaller house or property. There is a tiny house movement going on right now but if you have a house that isn’t tiny, and isn’t big, these simple steps just might help you sell it quicker. There are ways to alter the appearance of the inside of your homes with a few simple tricks that will help give the illusion of space.

Take away Clutter

When trying to sell any type of home, big or small, you want to reduce clutter. This can mean clearing the mail off a side table, or removing too many dishes from a counter top. This means streamlining your home and only leaving out the bare essentials. When staging a home you want to demonstrate a bit of what the space can be used for but you want the prospective buyer to be able to put there own belongings in your space. Also, when not having extra objects out, it can make spaces appear roomier and lager. This also leads into the next recommendation.

Streamline Furniture

Have you ever been to Ikea and seen the set-ups for small spaces? Notice that the furniture is lean and sleek? That is what you want to do as well for your home. Even if you have a big bulky couch with blankets and comfy pillows that you absolutely love, take it out. Store it during the selling process if you need to and either rent a smaller couch or buy one that can be sold with the home. Showcasing sleek and lean furniture, or even built in features that improve storage and space, will help make the home more appealing.


Being able to have lots of natural light can help make spaces seem larger as well. Don’t have many windows? This is where you can use mirrors to help create, again, the illusion of light. Mirrors can help with light and make spaces seem bigger because of the tricks it plays on the eyes. So bring the mirrors out of the bedroom and bathroom and put them almost anywhere. Turn kitchen cabinets into mirrored spaces as well as backsplashes or office walls.

These are just a few simple tricks to help make a smaller space seem bigger and more inviting. People are in constant search of unique spaces and ones that aren’t overly huge. All you need to do is help the buyer envision themselves in your space and you can sell your home.