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Simple Steps Forward

simple steps

Do you have a special person in your life that you want to purchase a home with? A spouse, partner, maybe a cousin, or even a sibling? Have you found someone you want to own a new home with? You can buy a new house as a single person, as a couple in a romantic relationship, best friends, or even different family combinations. Below are a few simple steps to take in order to begin the process of purchasing a new home with whoever you choose to.


When deciding to move forward with buying a new home the first step that is needed is to get finances in order for those who will be purchasing the property. The more organized the paperwork is, the better. Balance accounts, gather or print income stubs, find past tax information, and figure out what the purchasers income and expenses are. Gather this all up in a file folder so that it’s easily available for the lender to view for pre-approval. This will also help figure out a budget for a down payment, closing costs, and the over-all picture of what type of property to buy and what amount could be pre-approved by a lender.

Type of Property

Once the finances have been approved the discussion of what type of property will fit the purchasers needs can take place. What type of buyer would you consider yourself to be? A newlywed couple who may want to raise a family? Retirement age and need mobility and accessibility to prepare for? Thinking about a duplex or in-law apartment to earn rental income? There are so many scenarios for home buying to consider. Take the time to narrow down what will work best for your buying situation. Have you considered a fixer-upper or move in ready property? Your realtor will have plenty of suggestions for you that fit your pre-approved budget.

Hire a Realtor

When approaching a realtor with your finances in order, a pre-approval, and a minimal checklist, they will do backflips! Alright, maybe not real backflips but now they get to do what they love best. Start showing you homes! Let the imagination of what the future home will look like start to take shape and become a reality.

These are just a few simple steps to take to get prepared to purchase a new home. There are more detailed checklists available and a relator will be able to provide literature and paperwork as resources. Our team at C3 Real Estate Solutions is ready to meet all your home buying needs.