Simple Holiday Open House Decoration Ideas

Are you trying to sell your home during the holidays? This is not an impossible task and actually gives you a chance to showcase your home in a clean, simple manner. Open houses are a great way for potential buyers to come and imagine themselves living in your home. You are trying to make it feel open and inviting with your own decorations but letting them image having their own. It is a chance to have a neat, organized, holiday look that will make you and the potential buyer feel at home.


This is a simple method for decorating table and or countertop surfaces. Choose a large, simple platter or plate, either metal or a holiday color. Fill it with boughs of evergreen, or pinecones, and place a few holiday bulb ornaments on top. Do not make it too complicated and a few simple pieces is always better. You can also place a solid colored cloth underneath it. Try and keep the entire arrangement to 2-3 colors.

Showcase Glass Canisters

This is a great way to add simple elegance to any mantle, side table, or dresser tops. Simply place a pinecone, evergreen bough, or a few holiday ornament bulbs inside a glass container of various sizes and shapes. Want to go a little further? You can add white candles, unlit, or colored ribbon tied to the glass container in a bow or laid down on the flat surface. This will help draw the eye to certain features or areas of your living space and it will allow the potential homebuyer to imagine their own holiday type decor. Want to jazz it up even more? Add white sand to the bottom of the canister to lift the objects off the bottom.

Kitchen Decor

For very simple kitchen decor, you can use copper cups or mugs and candy canes. Everyone loves candy canes! Copper cups are very easy to come by, especially with people really enjoying making ‘Mules’ at home. Place a few cups of candy canes on a shelf, counter, or top of the fridge. This helps provide some pleasing holiday decorations without cluttering the kitchen counter tops.

These are just a few suggestions out of many that you can use for simple holiday decor to help showcase your home for an open house. Always discuss with your realtor or home stager what they prefer to use but these ideas can also help you decorate as well. Also, they are great for holiday gatherings without breaking the bank. Enjoy your decorating and good luck with your home sale!