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Sellers: Go Green and Add More Value to Your CO Home

Go Green and Add More Value to Your CO Home

Buyers today are eco-conscious.

They want a home that is energy-efficient, boasting the latest windows, insulation, HVAC systems, and just about every Energy-Star appliance possible.

When you update your CO home to be more energy efficient, you are adding value to your home. According to, some homeowners saw an average of nine percent higher offers for their green upgrades.

When selling your CO home already equipped with the latest green updates, you want to make sure that value is recognized and rewarded. While you will not get 100 percent back on the investment, you should get value in return. To do that, you need to turn a little real estate savvy.

Request a Good Appraiser
When you sell your CO home, work with a real estate agent that knows appraisers who can work on green homes. This will ensure the full value of your energy-efficient upgrades gets noticed regarding dollar amounts.

Some appraisers value green updates more than others, and because buyers are willing to pay more, it is in your best interest to have an appraiser who appreciates them add in the value.

Have Your Home Point Performance Checked
There are three scores available for homes, which include the Energy Performance Score, Home Energy Rating System Index, and the Home Energy Score. These scores tell buyers how energy efficient your property is and compares to other homes.

You can hire a third-party surveyor to come out and conduct an energy audit of your home to determine what score you are at.

Have All Documentation for Upgrades
If you have replaced anything and done so to improve the efficiency of the home, retain all documentation for that upgrade. This includes the service request, invoice, receipt, owner’s manual, warranty information, and energy rating data given to you with the items.

The more details you have to prove that you have made these energy-efficient upgrades, the more value the home will have. Just stating that you upgraded to an Energy-Star rated HVAC unit is not enough; buyers today want to see documentation if they are going to pay the extra price. Also, appraisers will not add value to a home if there is no proof of the upgrade.