Recreation Opportunities in Fort Collins Colorado

The word recreation can have different meanings to different types of people. When you hear the world recreation associated with Colorado, you can almost immediately conjure up images of skiing, snowboarding, jagged bald peaks, horseback riding, rock climbing, and biking to name a few.
You could also consider running, ultimate frisbee, baseball/softball, basketball, bowling, and golf as a few other sport recreation activities. When you buy a new home or move into a new area, this is just one of the many considerations in a broad spectrum of decisions to make. Fortunately for you, Northern Colorado is tops when it comes to both organized and individual recreation.
Here is some information about searchable headings for recreation activities in Northern Colorado. Recreation is so in the forefront that resources are easy to come by and are updated regularly. Here is a list of some sites to visit to get the most out of living in your new home. When you buy your new home in Northern Colorado, you aren’t just purchasing a place to live, you are stepping into an area full of opportunity.
The Recreator
This is a comprehensive guide to all things recreation provided by the City of Fort Collins. It includes information on facilities, events, and programs being offered. If you would like to engage in community led and offered activities than this is the resource for you and your family.
Closest Skiing to Fort Collins
In less than 3 hours drive time from Fort Collins there are 5 ski areas of note. USA Today shares those ski areas with information on pricing and descriptions. These ski areas could be in your back yard and remember that people travel from around the world to experience Colorado snow. Not only that, large events such as X-Games and Olympic qualifiers are often held in Colorado and make great events to attend to watch your favorite and future athletes.
Outdoor and Indoor Rock Climbing
There are different types of climbing you can experience in Northern Colorado. According to Northern Colorado Speaks, an online news publication, Northern Colorado is one of the most accessible places to climb outdoors, indoors, and bouldering. It is home to popular areas in Poudre Canyon and Lorey State Park. Their article leads you to basics in where to find climbing and how to reach a network of climbers in the area.
There are no less than 9 organized bike clubs in Northern Colorado alone. You will always find bikers on the roads, and on the trails. There is also great motorized biking available in Colorado but we will focus on pedal power for now. Whether you enjoy riding alone or with a group, on pavement or over rocks and streams, there is something for you to find.
This is only a short list of organized or individual recreation to be experienced when buying your home in Northern Colorado. The excitement and possibilities are endless. Your agent will be more than happy to discuss their preferred activities in the area so don’t be shy in asking!

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