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Realtor The Team of Theresa and Tatiana

The Team of Theresa Frith and Tatiana Nord 

The dynamic mother/daughter team of Theresa Frith and Tatiana (Frith) Nord bring fresh perspective to their work at C3 Real Estate Solutions. Working with first time buyers to million-dollar properties and real estate redesign (investors), they are adept in helping their clients successfully navigate the ever-changing market by offering a full-service approach to the process. Their unique, respective backgrounds blend together to create a seasoned, curated method in helping their clients get the results they seek when buying or selling real estate in the Northern Colorado market.


About Theresa Frith: 


Born in Africa to missionary parents who eventually moved to San Diego, Theresa Frith has a unique background that has allowed her to meet people from around the world. After spending 20+ years in real estate in California, along with developing a portfolio of interior design and staging work, Theresa Frith and her husband, along with their three children, made the move to Fort Collins, choosing the Choice City because of its culture and character. 

Here, she created a successful business with her daughter, Tatiana Nord, running Simple Life Organizing, where the two worked with residential and 

commercial clients in the areas of design and organization. Through this work, combined with her degree in visual communication from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise in Los Angeles, Theresa honed her expertise in understanding that selling a home means more than just determining a price and putting a sign up in the yard. In addition, buying a home entails much more than just aesthetics and her deep knowledge of the full circle process of real estate equips her to help clients realize their dreams while knowing they are fully informed.



About Tatiana (Frith) Nord:

Tatiana (also known as “Tot”) Nord returned to Fort Collins to join her mother in their previous endeavor, Simple Life Organizing, and relocate her family. She was raised in San Diego, California, graduated with a degree from San Francisco State University, and also studied abroad in college in Sweden. It was there that she met her husband. She made Stockholm her home and taught in her husband’s native country before the couple, along with their two children, relocated to Fort Collins to be with Tatiana’s family. 

During her time in Sweden, Tatiana learned to appreciate Scandinavian simplicity and attractive, well-organized (and often compact) spaces. She has also worked as a designer for the corporate Container Store before moving into real estate. Tatiana has a keen eye for detail and has well developed skills in strategy and planning; these, combined with Theresa’s extensive background in the field have proven essential in fueling the duo’s business. 



The team of Theresa and Tatiana is one run with pride and on a referral basis that stem from deep, connected relationships that withstand the test of time, and they are continually fueled by their passion to make the buying and selling experience one to positively remember. Clients seeking a warm, yet deeply educated approach to real estate will benefit from this team who bring personality, an appreciation for the beauty of residential properties, and advanced industry knowledge to the table.


Theresa and Tatiana share a love of fitness, skiing, travel, antique hunting, and international cuisine cooking.