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Realtor Susan Larson

Colorado is home to me, having lived here most of my life. I take advantage of every moment to enjoy all the activities available. Health and fitness are a top priority to me. I am an avid hiker and skier, golf when time allows, hit the gym and I am currently looking into getting a road bike. I have my sights set on many activities (bucket list) in the future, with a few in particular, that are at the top. I would love to visit Chile, hike in the Pyrenes, bike in Croatia and scuba dive in either Belize or Bali. Putzing around the garden, cooking, reading and savoring wine are my relaxing activities.

I love exploring the dining experiences, here in the NOCO area. My current go to restaurant and café is Ginger and Baker. Of course, all the breweries are fun as well.

I was fortunate to be able to join C3 at the Ninja Selling installation. I was meeting with an owner of a firm, here in town, and mentioned that I was attending Ninja and she asked who I was going with. I mentioned that I was invited to go with C3. She said in a jokingly but somewhat serious way that she was not sure why she was meeting with me because she knew I would want to join with C3. She knew something, at the time, that I did not. I know now. I met so many great people, with different positions, that genuinely appeared very blessed to be a part of the C3 team. All exceedingly kind to me as an outsider. When I saw their positivity with their job, their business and their team, I was sold. I was most impressed with the priority on training.

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