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Realtor Matthew King

As a Colorado native, Matthew has been head over heels in love with the beautiful state of
Colorado ever since he was born in Longmont Colorado. He has stuck close to the foothills his
whole life and wouldnt trade his home here for anything in the world.

Matthew grew up around real estate and lending services as his parents worked hard alongside
their real estate friends to help people find their place in Colorado. From a young age real estate
caught his eye and it quickly became his dream to help others make this beautiful state their
home too.

Matthew Believes that the relationships one makes throughout life are what makes life worth
living. His mission is to cultivate relationships, offer the highest value, level of professionalism
and results to his customers. He strives to leave a lasting impression with each person he meets
and leave them happier and better off than they were when he found them.

Likes so Much-
Big Fish
Fort Collins Colorado
Classic Cars
Architecture & Design
A Hot Cup of Coffee on a Rainy day

Likes Not so Much-
Stop and Go Traffic
Orange Shag Carpets
Running Late
Excessively Big T-Shirts

Member of National Association of Realtors®
Member of Colorado Association of Realtors®