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Realtor Kristin Tibbs

I joined the world of real estate in November 2021. I was no stranger to this world though,
having completed eight personal transactions in less than five years as a client. In a season of
change, I was ready for something new. I was looking for something that would create financial
security, provide flexibility, and would allow me to take the reins and be in control of my future. I
had a lightbulb moment when I realized that that future would begin with real estate. Why did I
wait so long?!

I grew up in Salida, CO, and after a short stint in West Virginia, I found myself back in the
“Centennial State” near my parents and my sister. I love to be active, whether that is working
out in my home gym, hitting up a spin class, lifting, doing Crossfit, or exploring the local trails
with my two girls, ages ten and five. In recent years, my oldest daughter and I have started
participating in the Firecracker 5k. I love being able to share that with her. Sometimes, I channel
my inner artist and find myself sketching or painting. In a past life, I was a quilter, but have since
decided to leave that one to the professionals. One of my ambitions is to travel more, and
maybe even invest in some property up in Idaho, which is one of my most favorite destinations.
Things that are important to me, besides my amazing clients, is personal development, always
being a student, my faith, and supporting great causes, like the local non-profit, Respite Care,
Inc. My goal is to one day be able to support that organization in an even bigger way on an
annual basis.

Before real estate, I spent 18 years as a hairstylist in the Fort Collins area. Paired with several
years as a certified Holistic Health Coach and certified in Health Nutrition, my background in
customer-focused industries has benefited me greatly, and allows me to bring a fresh approach
to this business on a more personal level. The process to buy or sell a home can be slightly
overwhelming. I get to be the one to make it less overwhelming with my empathetic nature and
ability to make people feel at ease. My passion for helping people inspires a deep desire to help
you find what you are looking for in the housing market. My responsibility to my clients is being
present and accessible during the whole process. They can count on me to go above and
beyond to ensure an enjoyable and exceptional experience.

I get to bring all of my past experiences as a client to the forefront of all my transactions, which
has hugely helped me connect on a whole different level with my clients. It has given me this
sense of understanding that allows me to really meet them where they are at. Sharing this
commonality sets me apart from my peers in this business. Knowing and living the real estate
process truly resonates with my clients.

The feeling of being just where you are meant to be at that given time is irreplaceable. Being a
part of C3 Real Estate Solutions is just that. My amazing interaction with a fellow C3’er as my
agent was a big draw to start my business at this company. It was a seamless process that
made me feel confident in my decisions, especially knowing that I am surrounded by like-
minded, successful individuals and a leadership team that shares my values. The heart and the

people of this company truly inspire me, and I look forward to providing incredible experiences
for all my clients, old and new alike!

Member of National Association of Realtors®
Member of Colorado Association of Realtors®