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Realtor Erick Pastrana

I got into real estate after a chance encounter at the gym with a stranger that happened to know
one of the owners at C3 Real Estate Solutions. I had recently made the decision not to renew
my contract with the Army so I could be closer to family, and, ultimately, to gain independence
after living the military life for the past four years. I was ready to pursue something new and
ready to go after a personal career, so I connected with John, and now I am proud to call C3 my

I was born and raised in Fort Collins, and aside from spending a few years in Georgia while
serving as an Army Ranger, and a short period of that time in Afghanistan, I have spent my
entire life here. My mom and older brother live here as well, and I enjoy spending a lot of my
free time with them. I also enjoy snowboarding, exercising, trying new restaurants, and working.
Yes, I actually do enjoy work! I am a first generation citizen, and my background fuels my
passions to help people, especially within the Hispanic and immigrant communities. As an
advocate, I want to be the voice for these communities and provide opportunities for
representation. My other passion lies within the Veteran community. I want to be the blueprint
for what Vets can accomplish once they leave the service, and provide them with the resources
to do so.

Having always been a service-oriented individual, starting a business in real estate seemed like
a great fit. I find that this industry is extremely rewarding because I get to help people, and I
strongly believe that helping others also helps me. My goals as an agent are not just focused on
real estate, but rather on the bigger picture of helping others improve their lives, connecting
people, and helping them pursue their hopes and dreams. My disciplined, calm, and empathetic
approach with clients instills a sense of confidence and trust that I am dedicated to maintaining.
I will always put the needs of others ahead of my own 100% of the time, and my promise to my
clients is to never cut corners, always keep the door for communication open, and continually
serve them in whatever capacity necessary from start to finish, and beyond.

Working at a company like C3 helps me to remember my “why”. This has been the key to my
success thus far, and has always helped get me through everything, and will continue getting
me through anything that comes my way. C3 supports my “why”, and the culture, the people,
the diversity, and what C3 stands for as a whole inspires me to continue pursuing my dreams to
help others. From serving my country, to serving my clients, to providing a service in some way
to each person I meet, this is what I am here for. I am here to serve!

Member of National Association of Realtors®
Member of Colorado Association of Realtors®