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Realtor Brenda Rice

While working within the local community as a first responder, I began to visualize what it would
look like to turn my passion for helping people into something more. Having seen the ins and
outs of what goes on behind the scenes in the community for almost a decade, I was ready for a
change. Real estate intrigued me, and being naturally drawn to entrepreneurship from a young
age as I went around offering my lawn mowing and snow shoveling services to the neighbors,
pursuing a career in this industry just made sense.

I was born in Mexico City and lived there until the age of eight when my family decided to move
to Fort Collins. I fell in love with my new home and embraced all the new adventures that came
with it. I am the youngest of seven children, and with a large age gap between myself and my
older siblings, it always felt like they helped raise me. Despite some of my family moving back to
Mexico, we are close-knit and I enjoy going back to visit every year. One of my longer term
goals is to eventually move back and settle in Cancun.

When I’m not working, I really enjoy spending time with my family. My husband stays busy with
his role in the community as a first responder, and our three year old son keeps us on our toes.
We like to do all the fun, outdoorsy activities like hiking and riding bikes, or spending time in the
water paddleboarding and swimming. Currently, I am investing my free time into weightlifting,
which includes prepping for bodybuilding competitions.

When I think about serving people, whether they are my clients or not, I always set a goal, and I
always accomplish it. Quitting is never an option, and my drive to do anything and everything to
make the dreams come true of whoever I cross paths with is seemingly always growing. For me,
it is not about closing the deal and making the money. For me, it is about always working hard,
always being available, and always putting my clients first.

Together with my real estate partner, Fabian, we have created a team that is here for the
people. With similar backgrounds and our combined years of service in our communities, we
offer extensive knowledge of northern Colorado. We are laid back professionals with a strong
desire to be a resource for those within the communities that we are raising our families in, the
communities we also call home. We know the importance of those individuals that help keep our
communities safe and functional, and so our commitment is to provide the first responders in
this area with the tools they need to secure homes for themselves and their families. Our
biggest focus is putting our first responders’ best interests ahead of our own, and being able to
produce favorable outcomes for them with our incentivized first responder program.

R & R Real Estate Team will always go above and beyond for their clients. Our goals and
values align with that of C3, and with a company who shares our ambitions and passions, we
are equipped to help our clients get wherever they want to be. We are equipped to BE the real
estate solution for our clients!

Member of National Association of Realtors®
Member of Colorado Association of Realtors®