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What is the Best Time of Year to Sell a House?

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Most people think that the best time to sell Fort Collins real estate is in the springtime when the birds are singing, the trees and plantings are in bloom, and people’s spirits are brighter; however, that may not be the case in all instances.

The best time of the year to sell a house depends on many factors:
• The property itself is a definite factor in selling a house. Houses with wonderful winter light can easily sell in winter time.
• The surroundings where the house is located and the area can be huge factors when it comes time to sell. Trying to sell a house in a neighborhood that puts up lots of Christmas lighting and attracts loads of visitors is best not done around the holidays.
• Events of any sort that draw crowds to a neighborhood need to be avoided.

Selling houses in resort areas

Houses in resort areas can be either residences or vacation homes. Even in resort areas, the best time to sell is dependent on the area, the property and the surroundings. For instance, on the Michigan Upper Peninsula, houses sell best from March to October as people want either access to the lake or snowmobile access. The houses do not sell well when there is a lot of snow. Properties that must be listed in winter require a lot of hard work to sell. In the fall, buyers look for hunting cabins or ski lodges.

Winter is a surprisingly ideal time to sell a house

While it may not seem so, considering how people do not like to venture out into the cold, the months between December and May are a great time to sell a house. While it is not the best time to be planning a move, according to a study done by the Redfin real estate firm, the homes that list during the winter months sell more quickly and for higher prices than those listed at other times during the year.

According to the Redfin study, the absolute best month to sell a home is February. The study was based on listings nationwide that were analyzed in 2014 home sales. A big 74 percent of the homes that were listed in February sold within a 90 day period. Of these, 13 percent of them sold for more money than the listing price. In September, which one would think would be a good house sales month, only 61 percent of the homes listed were sold during that 90-day period, and only 5 percent sold above their listing price.

Redfin proposes that the shoppers who go out in the cold to shop for a house are more motivated and less likely to be just browsing. A study in the Appraisal Journal found that the time of year a house is put on the market definitely affects its pricing and sales. The study, which covered appraisals and housing sales in 138 Major and minor metro areas in the US, was designed to create adjustment factors appraisers can use to exclude seasonal variations form their appraisals.

It seems that trusting in a competent real estate agent to advise you when is the best time to sell your house in your area is the best strategy a homeowner can adopt.