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How Smart Should Your Home Be?

By C3 Real Estate | March 1, 2018
How Smart Should Your Home Be?

  Today’s home buyers are more savvy and more educated about what they want. With the ability to scour the web for every listing available, buyers will arrive at your front door already knowing a ton about your home and its features. With the increase in “smart-home” technology, which of these fancy “gadgets” should you…

Add A Garage – Sell Your Home

By C3 Real Estate | February 22, 2018
Add A Garage Sell Your Home

  OK, I’ll be honest. The title is a smidge mis-leading. You won’t immediately sell your home if you add (or already have) a garage. What I’d like to expound on a bit are the advantages (and some suggestions) for selling a home with a garage (detached or not).   There is always a debate…

Keep The Creepy Crawlies Away this Winter

By C3 Real Estate | February 15, 2018
Keep The Creepy Crawlies Away this Winter

  Depending on the age of your home and the “weather-proof-ness” of it. (Yes, I just made that word up!) you may need to be aware and active about the critters that are trying to make your house their home this winter. The truth is, many animals, including mice and lots of insects, seek out…

Some Quick Tips for Better Real Estate Photos

By C3 Real Estate | February 8, 2018
some quick tips for real estate photos

  I’ll admit it. As agents and brokers we are guilty of having a chuckle at the sometimes horrible images some folks use to try and sell their homes. In most cases it is simply a case of the inexperienced agent. We have all been there and can (usually) look back at those experiences and…

What does it take to close the deal in a buyer’s market?

By C3 Real Estate | February 6, 2018
What does it take to close the deal in a buyers market?

  What does it take to sell a home in a buyers’ market – a fresh coat of paint or a kitchen overhaul? Lowering your asking price or offering incentives? From cosmetic to strategic, smart sellers can take advantage of a few simple tips to get the most out of their properties. Here are six…

Avoidable Add-Ons

By C3 Real Estate | January 25, 2018
fort collins co real estate improvement

While not necessarily the best time for home-improvement projects, winter can be a good time to update the INSIDE of your Fort Collins CO home and not have to deal with the outside elements. That said, there are some projects that we’d like to steer you away from in order to maintain the value in…

Re-Educating Renters

By C3 Real Estate | January 18, 2018
loveland co real estate rental

I think it is safe to say that we have all rented a home or apartment at one time or another. The truth is, renting is a fantastic option for many folks and is often the only logical choice at a given period in your life. That said, what is it that (today) keeps the…

Dodging Drafty Doors

By C3 Real Estate | January 12, 2018
fort collins co real estate drafty

I have lived in my share of drafty homes in my life. I have gone through the trouble of putting that “air-tight” plastic on the inside of the windows (that you use a hairdryer with) and even, in a really crappy cabin, put plastic on the outside of the home to double-barrier the windows. That…

Quick Fixes to Sell Your Home

By C3 Real Estate | January 4, 2018
fort collins home clean

I understand. The holidays are coming. Relatives are coming. Nobody has time to make huge changes to their home at this point in the year. The fact is, very few of us have the resources (time, money, time, energy…time!) to make big adjustments or improvements to your Fort Collins CO house before company arrives OR,…

Finding Space For The Whole Family

By C3 Real Estate | December 28, 2017
fort collins co real estate crowd

I’m not going to go out there and say it is an inevitability, but you may find yourself trying to find space for the whole family. And when we say “whole family” we’re not just talking about being told you are having triplets! As baby-boomers’ parents continue to age (and live longer lives), housing is…

Nerd Alert

By C3 Real Estate | December 21, 2017
loveland co real estate nerd

So you think you’re a smarty pants, eh? We’ll see about that. If you find yourself in the mood to sell your Loveland CO home, it might make some sense to consider the buyer you are attempting to entice. It turns out today’s buyers are more tech savvy than ever before. Of course we, as…

Mastering The Millennials

By C3 Real Estate | December 13, 2017
loveland co real estate small

Millenials are a good bunch of folks. These people were born in the 80’s through the early 2000s. We have seen an increase in their financial savvy as well as an understanding of the value of Loveland CO real estate over the long term. So exactly what are they looking for? Let’s look at NAHB’s…

More Quick Fixes for Home and Holidays

By C3 Real Estate | December 12, 2017
loveland co home clean

In our last article we focused on the kitchen and bathrooms. We want to de-clutter the whole Loveland home, but specifically the kitchen area. This needs to shine (literally and figuratively). Next, you should do a quick check of your light-bulbs. Since it is getting darker earlier now, showings could happen after 5pm. Buyers will…

‘Tis the Season to…. Sell?!

By C3 Real Estate | December 11, 2017
fort collins home for sale

It turns out the holiday season, and yes even the factoring in the cold weather, is a good time to sell your Fort Collins CO home. While most folks may think of this busy, cold time of the year as a terrible selling season, there are many factors that might just change your mind. We…

Homeowner Wish List

By C3 Real Estate | December 11, 2017
loveland co real estate energy

I don’t know about you, but I have a laptop, road bike and maybe even a new truck on my Santa list this year. Of course my expectations are not high for any of those items. There’s a really good chance I’ll get some socks though! And yes, I’ll be grateful for anything that arrives…

Staging Your Home For Sale

By C3 Real Estate | December 10, 2017
fort collins co home staging

If you’ve been thinking of selling your Loveland CO home, you should make sure that you take full advantage of home staging trends. There are several advantages to home staging, which we will take a look at below. One of the best things about staging your home is that it is more likely to sell…