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When a House Doesn’t Sell Well, Cleanse Its Energy

Both our thoughts and our words are powerful forms of energy. Have you ever walked into a room after an argument has taken place and felt the negative vibrations of energy wafting around the room? You are lucky when you can attach that uncomfortable, somewhat sickening feeling you have when you walk into a room with those negative vibrations remaining in it. Most people just feel slightly sick when they go into a room where an argument has taken place and try to leave as soon as possible when they encounter this situation.

Many Loveland CO real estate professionals do not want to admit that homes can contain negative energy from negative events that have happened in them, but the reality is that the type of energy that is in a home can influence a sale either positively or negatively. Whether you believe negative energy can affect a sale or not, you might want to try some of the remedies below.

In the 1990’s Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted several experiments with water and negative energy. He spoke unkind, harsh words to some of the water and then froze it. The ice crystals the water that had been harshly spoken to created were ugly and misshapen. Water from the same source that had not been treated unkindly formed beautiful symmetrical crystals. You can see some of these pictures in his book and on the internet. They are amazing in that they offer concrete proof of the effects of negative energy.

Things that can affect the energy in a house
There are many things that can leave negative energy lying around in a house you are trying to sell:
1. Divorces are a great example of circumstances that can create negative energy in a house. When spouses are continually fighting on the premises, the energy from those fights lingers.
2. Abuse of any kind that occurs in a home carries its own kind of negative energy.
3. Death can leave a negative residue in a house.
4. An atmosphere of argumentation that goes on often can leave negative energy.
5. Autistic children may also leave their signature when they have tantrums because of their inability to connect with the world in a positive way.
6. Illness in a home can also generate negative energy.

Ways to remove negative energy
Negative energy in a home can be removed or displaced. Whether you believe in the concept or not, if you have ever felt uncomfortable in a house you have for sale, you owe it to yourself and to your sellers to give some of these things a try:
· In Feng Shui, sea salt is used to get rid of negative energy. You can put it in open containers in several parts of a room, mix it with water and place it around a house.
· Live plants place at strategic points around a house absorb negative energy.
· Smudging with sage is also a useful technique for getting rid of negative energy in a house. Deepak Chopra recommends using smudging with herbs, especially sage, to remove negative energy. Smudge sticks are available at most health food stores.
· Opening windows to air out a house with fresh air can also change the house’s energy.

Noted clergyman Yehuda Berg said that words are undoubtedly the most powerful tool we have. They can be used to create positive energy or negative energy. It is important to get rid of the negative energy from words used in negative ways and actions that leave behind negative energy when trying to sell a house.