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Should You Buy a Log Home? 5 Things to Consider

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The log cabin has, for centuries, been a symbol of frontier life. Shows like Little House on the Prairie transported us right into the midst of one-room cabins where families would gather and problems were solved.

But that was then. Log homes have come a long way from their beginnings in the 1600s, with their mud-packed design and clay floors. Log homes today can offer all of the amenities and modern conveniences imaginable.

Simple and Efficient to Build

The National Association of Home Builders describes log home construction as one of the simplest and its design as limitless. This is due in part to the wide variety of tree species used to build log homes, which give these dwellings a unique look and signature style.
But just as with any home purchase, the decision to buy a log home should be done after research and consideration of the home’s design, durability, and price.

What to Consider Before Buying a Log Home

1. Consider construction: Log homes can be built of real or artificial logs. Styles may vary from home to home, with the most common being:
· Scandinavian Chinkless (Even weight distribution among logs, logs with concave bottoms providing a tight fit)
· Canadian Chinkless (Triangular notches cut into logs, fitting over curves and allowing gaps)
An authentic log home will be sturdy and durable, providing the homeowner with solid walls and a rustic design. Log homes tend to be more energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and more environmentally sound when it comes to building requirements.

2. Consider your preferences: Choosing log home construction means less freedom to modify the look of your home, as logs are more difficult to renovate than traditional drywall.

3. Consider the cost: Depending on the area you choose to live in, you may pay as much or more for a long home versus a home built of other materials. Dick Pirozzolo is an author on home design and guest writer for About Home, and writes that homebuyers can save money by choosing from an existing plan and scaling back on features such as high-end cabinetry in order to save money.

4. Consider how to customize: Log home kits vary in design but allow homeowners or contractors to build to suite. A kit can offer the opportunity to customize and have less impact on the environment. There are drawbacks to building your own log home, which need to be researched before you begin the process. Discuss your concerns with other log home owners who have been there and know the landscape.

5. Consider the location: The log home of your dreams may be on your radar, but is it in an area you want to live in right now? Are you looking for a view of the woods, and don’t want to settle for a suburb? Maybe it’s best to keep looking.

Home Sweet (Log) Home

No matter where your home buying adventures take you, whether out to the country or into the city, with a little homework and some attention to detail, your journey can be one of new experiences and a place to finally call home. Partner with C3 Real Estate Solutions today to make your home dream come true.