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15 Fun Facts about Colorado You Must Know

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That’s right!!  We’re going to be doing some learning today!  Why not.  It IS back to school season after all.
When you move to Colorado, it is important that you know a little bit about the state so you can blend in with the residents there. This list will help you speak authoritatively about Colorado so you can feel like a native immediately and maybe even buy your own Fort Collins home!
Important Colorado facts
1. In 1935 Louis Ballast, owner of the Humpty Dumpty Barrel Drive-In in Denver, applied for a trademark for the cheeseburger.

2. The first permanent building built in Denver was a saloon, which continues to be fitting because Denver brews more beer on a daily basis than any city in the United States.

But be careful when you drink in Denver, as Denver’s altitude (5,280 feet above sea level) causes the beers to make you drunk more quickly than if you were at a lower elevation. Beer tends to feel 1.5 to 3 times more potent at Denver’s altitude.

Colorado has the highest average altitude of all the states in the US.

3. Denver’s altitude has a strange effect on golf balls and baseballs also – they tend to fly approximately 10% farther in Denver when hit than they do at lower elevations.

4. Denver holds the distinction of being one of only 12 cities in the United States to be home to the major league teams for the four sports of hockey, football, baseball and basketball.

5. Denver has been given the designation of “Baby Boomer Capital of America” because it has more Baby Boomers living in it than any other city in the United States.

6. Purina rated Denver as the healthiest city for your pets because of the low number of fleas and the high ratio of veterinarians to pets.

7. Denver’s designation as the ‘Mile High City’ is based on its being exactly a mile above sea level.

8. Elvis Presley and a group of his friends once flew from Memphis to Denver for a sandwich from the Colorado Gold Mine Company Steakhouse called the 22 Fool’s Gold Loafs. The sandwich contained a jar of peanut butter, a jar of grape jelly, and one pound of fried bacon. It was served with champagne to Elvis and his friends.

9. The chipotle Mexican Grill was started in Denver.

10. Denver has an interesting law still on its books making it illegal to lend your vacuum cleaner to your neighbor.

11. Denver has a brighter, bluer-looking sky than many other places due to its elevation having less water vapor.

12. Colorado’s southwest corner is the only place in the United States where four states meet: Colorado, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico.

13. Glenwood Springs is home to the biggest, naturally-made hot springs pool in the entire world.

14. In Colorado, you can ride a goat or a rhinoceros while intoxicated from drugs or alcohol, but it is not legal to ride a horse while intoxicated.

15. One of the only working diamond mines in the United States is in Colorado, the Kelsey Lake Diamond Mine.

Here’s hoping these fun facts help you remember to drink less beer, and ride a goat if you get drunk rather than a horse when you move to Colorado.