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10 Weird and Unusual Homes From Around the World

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Not all homes take the traditional, expected forms of construction. When an architect decides to mix it up a bit, the result is funky, unique, and sometimes just plain weird.  Most of these are a far cry from the lovely Fort Collins CO homes we see around here.

1. The Mushroom House: Boasting a $729,000 price tag, this home in upstate New York looks like it sprouted right out of the ground. Five separate units sit on just over 1 acre and are surrounded by trees and flowers.

2. The Heliotrope: Thinking about relocating to Germany? You could live in the world’s first home that creates more home than it uses. It features a floor warmth system and a human waste disposal system, all powered by solar panel energy.

3. Sculpture House: Head to Colorado where you can find what has been called the “UFO” house, built partially in 1963 and finished in the late 90’s. This abode boasts cabinets with curved doors, a one-hundred step staircase, and a scenic view of the mountains.

4. Spaceship Home: Who says UFOs aren’t real? Chattanooga has one with 2,000 square feet, 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms with parking underneath. If you need your spaceship to have an open bar and entertainment area, then you are all set.

5. Transparent House: The benefit of a see-through home is the abundant sunshine shining through the windows. With a white steel frame and 914 square feet, the architecture is certainly unique-the privacy, however, is nonexistent.

6. Slide House: Three stories, 1,762 square feet, and a slide around the entire interior of this house make it a literal playground. What more could a kids in Tokyo ask for? With only one bedroom, though, modifications may need to be made if you plan to make this your dream home.

7. Pyramid Home: No sand here, at this home in Manitou Springs, Colorado. With views of Pikes Peak at with a price tag of $650,000, the exterior is half copper-colored and half lined with glass. Touches of ancient Egypt throughout will take you back in history in an instant.

8. Flintstone House: With 360 degree views, just under 23 acres but with just one bedroom, you can enjoy vaulted ceilings and a wood burning fireplace as you look out on the Pacific Ocean in this prehistoric piece of architecture. Live just minutes from the beach and come home to privacy and seclusion (pet dinosaur not included).

9. Sliding House: Head to England to see the amazement that is a home of three parts. The separated parts change with the 20 ton roof and wall enclosure which move by electric motors built into the walls.

10. The Shoe House: To round out our list, this recently sold abode boasts 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and sits on just under one acre. It was built in 1948 by the “Shoe Wizard of York”, had a run as an ice cream parlor, and is now a popular attraction in Hellam, Pennsylvania.

In a world of conformity, these 10 homes are anything but average!

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  1. ellen on October 11, 2019 at 6:00 pm

    these houses are really cool in a good-weird kind of way.