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10 Ways to Make Sure You Fail When Buying Loveland CO real estate

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Buying Loveland CO real estate is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your adult life. So many steps are involved, and it can seem daunting to even understand where to begin. With so much work and effort to put into the home buying process, why even bother? With big words like “underwriting” and “refinance” being thrown around the real estate world, it can make your head hurt just thinking about all of the details that come along with purchasing a home.

Instead, sit back, relax, and take it easy with these disastrous tips:

  1. Do not create (or stick to) any type of budget. A plan? Who needs a financial plan? Money is meant to be spent. Buy the biggest and best home on the block, make costly repairs, sit back, and enjoy life!
  2. Do not do any research on your real estate agent. Open the phone book to the section for real estate, close your eyes and point. Allow destiny to be your guide.
  3. Do not get a real estate agent at all. In fact, trust Uncle Bob to find you a home on the internet. If all else fails, you can live with him.
  4. Do not get anything in writing. Reading through the pages and pages of a contract takes up too much of your precious time. Just assume everything will all work out in the end. After all, aren’t appliances included with every home?
  5. Do not get an inspection. If it looks like it’s in good repair, it probably is. Wouldn’t it be obvious if something was wrong? If you think you really need a home inspection, just ask Uncle Bob.
  6. Do not research the neighborhood. Good schools are overrated, and crime statistics are exaggerated. Quit worrying so much.
  7. Do not consider renting a home before buying one. Isn’t that like throwing money away every month? Buy, baby, buy!
  8. Do not try to understand all that paperwork. What the heck is an “equity”? Is “escrow” even an actual word? Who cares?! Just sign the papers already!
  9. Do not be patient. If you love the first house you see, buy it.
  10. Do not try to understand the reality of owning a home. Don’t get started on how much it will cost to heat and cool your home, water bills, landscaping, property taxes, or any of the responsibilities that will belong to you and you alone. That is a long and winding (and expensive) path.

If you want a guarantee that your home buying experience will be a total disaster, be sure to follow the above steps. Leave all reasonable thoughts and rational decisions to someone else, someone who wants to experience a successful home purchase. Just make sure you have good old Uncle Bob on speed dial….you are going to need his couch.