Preparing Your Home for Extreme Cold


Have you thought about buying a new home in Colorado? This article will help you with some extreme winter tips because this past week a Polar Vortex has plunged much of the USA into extreme colds. When you have a home, old or new, there are some methods to take into consideration when the temperature is sustained below freezing for any amount of time.
Living in Colorado there is snow and cold and most homes are built accordingly. Sometimes though, when the winds push down out of Canada, there is a need to do a few extra steps to insure the home can stay properly heated. Murphy seems to have a way of knowing, like Santa, when these steps are not taken into consideration.
Make sure the heat source has plenty of supply. If the residence is on automatic delivery, have a conversation with the company to make sure nothing has been disrupted or changed. Check the levels of the tanks if using propane or buy a few extra cords of wood to have ready to burn.
Keep drifting snow away from all outside vents and keep an eye on the roofline and chimney. With the winds out of Canada, it is just that, windy. Inside, make sure nothing has fallen against a heater or that children haven’t stored any items in, on, or near them. This is a good time to double check couches and beds near heat sources and make sure blankets and pillows haven’t fallen in the way.
With the purchase of a new home, a sense of security should come from a recent house inspection. But still take some extra precautions during a quick freeze. If there is any doubts about a heat source possible failing or not being able to keep up, keep a small trickle of cold water turned on at all faucets. Another method is to open sink cupboard doors to help heat circulate around water pipes.
Have jugs of emergency water ready and set aside. Even if your pipes don’t freeze the town water main could break, or a neighbors, and water supply could be cut off to your home. During extreme temperature changes, hot or freezing, it is always prudent to have extra water on hand for emergencies.
These are just a few methods to help keep the residence safe during extreme freezing temperatures. There are always more in-depth methods to help prepare for such an extreme state of cold, but with short notice, these few methods can help. Always have the phone number, and back up phone numbers, available for heating repair services, if the need should arise.