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Paint to Sell

Paint to Sell

The decision to sell your home has been made and you are gearing up for the process. After getting in touch with your C3 Real Estate Agent, you want to maximize your return and put some added effort into the appeal of your home for potential buyers. It’s been a few years since the exterior and interior have received a fresh coat of paint, and the question is – what is trending now in paint colors?

Luckily, you don’t have to search too hard to find some facts about paint colors. With the boom of technology in Real Estate, paint color and home selling prices have made a debut. It is possible to search for the top selling paint colors. You can be interior room specific, as well as exterior. It can even narrowed down to price point per room.

With this information, don’t go overboard. Speak with your Agent and get their professional opinion about your best options. Especially with the housing market in Colorado, you may want to only paint a few rooms and not the entire house. If your home has some extravagant colors like flamingo pink or avocado green, those rooms may be first on the list.

Typically, when choosing new house colors you want interior ones that will help the buyer visualize the paint they would want. Neutral colors can also help lighten up darker rooms and have an overall appeal of making rooms seem larger. There is a good range between slate gray, periwinkle blue, beige, and eggshell that are favorable paint schemes. The top kitchen paint decor at the moment is called Tuxedo. Dark counter tops with white cabinets. Can you picture it?

It is good to want to spruce up your house to sell. Again, have a good discussion with your C3 Real Estate Agent, who will know what the Fort Collins trends are. Be prepared if you are a wild child to tone your house down a bit. Remember, while searching for your new home to buy, others are possible taking the same painting steps. So go ahead and picture your new home and apply any colors your heart desires to your new home.