Looking to Buy in a Popular CO Neighborhood? Check the Crime Rate First

Check the Crime Rate First

Most neighborhoods in CO are extremely family-friendly and have relatively low crime rates.

However, no one wants to endure buyer’s remorse.

Part of your due diligence as a buyer is to investigate the area you’re considering making an offer. This includes examining crime reports to tell you a little about the crime potential – and also gives you some insight on if you will have higher auto and homeowner’s insurance rates.

Use Spotcrime
Spotcrime takes information about law enforcement reported crimes in the area, news, and other user-generated tips. They then plot these crimes in a Google map so that you can see their location and compare it to the home you’re considering.

National Sex Offender Public Website
This website is free to the public, and all sex offenders in the state are required to register their address. You can see who is registered in the neighborhood you are considering.

Do a Little Investigating of Your Own
While crime reports give you some insight, they do not give you the full story. Instead, you need to examine the neighborhood yourself and look for the tell-tale signs that you are buying in a safe place.

Four More Ways to Assess the Safety of a Neighborhood

1. See how many homes are currently for sale. Large numbers of homes for sale in the same area could indicate a problem with the neighborhood. Of course, during the summer, it is not uncommon to see several homes enter the inventory from the same block.

2. Tour the neighborhood and look at neighboring houses. Are they well-kept? Neighbors that take pride in their homes typically means the area is less likely to have a high crime rate.

3. Talk to people already living in the area. They can tell you the best how the neighborhood is, if they feel safe, what they use for security, etc.

4. How many homes have alarm systems? You can tell just by looking at the signs and stickers on the homes in the area. Just be aware that it is not uncommon for people to have home security, especially with how home security offers energy-saving and smart home technologies. So, just because neighbors have security systems does not automatically indicate a problem.

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