Little Things

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Little things to remember while moving

With a real estate market as active and exciting as it is in Colorado, it’s easy to forget the little things. Whether you’re moving in or moving out, here are a few small, important things you need to do to make the experience successful.

Tell the post office

It seems simple, but it’s so basic that it’s often overlooked. Before the move, fill out a change of address form with the U.S. Postal Service. That way, anyone you might have forgotten to change your address with can still get mail to you. This can include everything from catalog to potentially important government documents that can cause considerable long-term hassle. Making sure you have a catch-all in place can lessen some of the stresses of moving.

Move your utilities/automatic payments

Many people use automated payments to handle their mortgage and utility bills, making it easier to forget about them. When you move, it’s important to change the address on any and all automated payments in your home. If you need to set up new payments at your new address, doing so early will help you avoid potential late fees.

It’s also important to inform all related companies about the move and schedule any physical appointments. Cable or satellite requires set-up in the new home before service can be activated, and may require some take-down. Other utilities may require a physical meter reading before they can officially shut off the service.

Keep out the essentials

While you’re packing everything up and moving to a new place, you still have to live your life. Pack special boxes with the items you use daily, such as phone chargers, bath and paper products, and essential tools. Some items can even go in suitcases to differentiate them from the rest of the boxes. This is also a place to put important paperwork you’ll need in your new home.

Save your receipts

Some of your moving or home-selling expenses may be tax-deductible, but that won’t help you without the right paperwork. During the move, keep all paperwork related to the sale of your home and receipts from the move in the same folder. Keep it with you so you can update the folder regularly, possibly in the personal vehicle you’re using to move. (Be sure not to keep it in a rental truck, where you might accidentally leave it and lose it permanently.) Once you’ve arrived in your new home, immediately put the folder in the same box where you packed your other tax paperwork.