Leaf, Leaves, Leave!

One of the most enjoyably scenes of fall is the changing colors of the leaves. New England has fantastic colors but we here in Colorado have the iconic yellow Aspen. Regardless of what type of leaf and the colors they are turning (enjoy it as long as you can), you have to choose a method for removing the leaves that are no longer on the trees.
HOA Fees hard at Work
If you have bought a home within an HOA, then your leaf maintenance is probably at a minimum. Thank the lucky stars that you don’t have too much to do to get rid of those pesky leaves. The technology for leaf extraction has improved so much over the years with leaf blowers and leaf vacuums that you can appreciate the ease of the labor involved with executing these tasks. Don’t forget to wave and smile at the people hard at work.
Raking and Removal
It is very enjoyable seeing kids play in the yard, especially jumping and running into a large pile of leaves. (Just make sure that the dog refuse has been removed first.) Having kids help do the chores makes it a good time to spend with them. It also helps get out some energy on a cool, fall day. Afterwards, a cup of cider shared together is a way to help make great fall, tradition memories.
After completing raking the leaves into piles you have to figure out what method you are going to use to get rid of the leaves. Home Depot and Lowes provide compostable leaf sacs made of paper to place the leaves in. These can either be brought to your local transfer station or picked up. Check with your local community to find out the preferred method. Some towns even just request you rake the leaves near the road and they come by with a truck to vacuum them up and away.
The importance of Maintenance
Removing leaves, though tedious, is important for several reasons. If you are buying or selling a home it is essential to showcase your property for potential owners. Removing leaves keeps your lawn healthy and doesn’t encumber the growing process come spring. Don’t forget to check your gutters for leaves that have collected and could help cause water damage. Also check along the outside of your home in corners of the garden or stairways. Removing leaves helps the overall decor and look of your landscape.

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