High Market Price


When starting to think about selling a home one of the first steps is to do research and see what market values are in the area that you live. This can be done with several different approaches, either by the seller or by the experienced real estate professional you have contacted at C3 Real Estate Solutions. The information that they are able to attain will be fair market value as opposed to what you may find with your own research.

There are several real estate marketing tools that are online that seem like they provide great insights and information. However, don’t always judge a book by its cover. It may only be a short snapshot and not a long term trend that it is portraying. It may also not take in the actual shape and size of the home, but solely really on price per square foot. When looking to buy a home, learn what factors going into setting a fair market price.

Another key element that may or not have been taken into consideration is location, school district, tax district, and other accouterments that you may not be able to see at first price glance. Work with an agent to help set a price for your home that will get you the money you need and your home sold so you can buy your next home. Don’t be too afraid of the high prices that pop in your area and think that your house isn’t enough or that there is no way you could afford a new home.

Especially in Colorado where demand is driving up prices of houses some areas, it will benefit you not to turn down or turn your back on a listing because of it’s initial high market price. Work with your agent to figure out what the best plan is for your buying and selling budget and to find out what the true home price is, not just the listed figure on an internet search. There may be ways to work with your budget and the asking price so that the home you want to sell and the home that you thought was too much to buy, may actually be in your reach. Trust what your Agent can do for you in this High Priced Housing Market.