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Halloween Trick or Treat

Halloween is a great time of year for most people. There are some who do not like it, and that is fine. If you are a person who likes having kids dress up or even come to your door, this is for you. One of the anxieties that you can have when you buy a new home is learning what the etiquette of the neighborhood is for the holiday seasons. I quickly learned that I lived in an area where most of the houses decorated for Halloween like it was Christmas! I didn’t realize that Halloween lights come in orange, purple, and red. No matter where you live there is common etiquette that can be applied for children and adults to help ensure a positive experience for all.

Trick o’ Treat Time

The most important part of Halloween is actually knowing when Trick o’ Treat is going to happen. You do not want to be caught unprepared a few days early. Many towns and cities don’t actually do it on October 31st, depending on what night of the week it falls on. If you are new to the neighborhood the best information can come from neighbors. However, other sources are town websites and FB pages. A lot of publications and news sources will also list days and times of the surrounding areas. It might not just be your town’s children that come to your door. So be prepared.

Lot’s of Candy

Another big fear on the big night is running out of candy! This is always a gamble. You can be the type to buy too much candy and then have the struggle of not eating it all yourself. Or, you may run out mid-stream and need to search your cupboards for scraps. The other alternative is turning out your lights and hiding and not answering the door. Whichever method you chose, make sure the candy you hand out is individually wrapped and sealed. It is fine to allocate only a few pieces to each child at the beginning of the night. Watching the flow up and down your street could help you gauge how much you had out. Remember, you can always give the jackpot to the last kid of the night!

Not an Obstacle Course

This is one night that you don’t want your yard being an obstacle course. Make sure the walkway is well lit up. Remove anything that little feet or big masks might trip or get caught on. If you can, park your car so that it gives more clear access to your street or house. If it is nice weather you may want to sit outside and even dress up yourself. Have fun and be positive with the kids and the parents with them.