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Green Movement

I don’t think that anyone can deny wanting to take place in the green movement, especially in this day and age. Everyone is concerned about our environment. Participating in the green movement has many levels. It can mean recycling at home, having a fuel-efficient vehicle, or installing solar panels on your home. One of the great things about buying a new home is being able to find a green movement that is at the level you want to be at. Fort Collins has been moving in a sustainable direction as a community for a few years now. Here are some highlights of what is occurring.

Sustainable Living Association

Sustainable Living Association is a Non-Profit in Fort Collins that provides a lot of great services. They have an outreach program, leadership programs, and provide community events and education. They strive to show that economic development can be sustainable with the environment. SLA is a great place to find like-minded individuals. Within the news section on their website, they have a great article from July 2019 that focuses on the anatomy of a green home.

Green Communities

Fort Collins already has established green communities. These communities have been built with green building technologies and strive to meet Enterprise Green Community Standards. Not only is the building process is done with as little impact on the environment and natural resources as possible, but the community itself is designed in this way. Thermal heating, recycling, and lawn clipping reuse are just some of the benefits.

It Can Be You

Being able to buy a home in the type of community you want to grow a family, or live yourself in is a big decision. Trying to be apart of a global movement while living life every day can sometimes be difficult. If you are in a position in life to even consider Sustainable living and Green Building practices, I hope you will consider it. Both groups mentioned above are award-winning and forward-thinking movements. Maybe it is time for you to become part of the Fort Collins sustainable community. Ask your C3 Agent for more information regarding the green movement.