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Fort Collins Community

When moving to a new city or region there is always apprehension in wondering how easy it will be to find something to do, whether it be for yourself or your family. Are there family friendly events to go to? How easy will it be to access the information or find parking? Do I need to pay to attend? When buying a new home in a new area, this is just one of many concerns you probably have.
When choosing to buy a home in Fort Collins, CO you have many choices for family and individual entertainment. Not only does the region have an abundance of sunshine, around 300 days a year, the area seems almost tailored made for family’s and individuals looking for a strong community vibe. Every week you can find a multitude of happenings with information easily available at Visit Fort Collins
There is almost every type of organized event imaginable. At the writing of this article, listed are events such as After School Art, Beer and Bingo, Clothing Exhibits with multiple artists and contributors, museum events, musicians, concerts, and plays. This is just naming a few events and not even the organized outdoor activities that take place every week.
Using the internet to find and establish a new community can still be intimidating. In Fort Collins, almost everywhere you go you will find event flyers, posters, and knowledgable restaurant staff willing to share and pass along information. It is a strong community of doing, participating, and being active however you choose.
Want to find a strong faith based community? There are over 20 listed Church’s in the Fort Collins area. There are faith based events, fundraisers, outreach, and gatherings. Visitors and newcomers are always welcomed and encouraged. There is even an outdoor, backcountry Church that meets to combine the faith and the outdoors.
Would you like a strong school community? Pourdre School District provides public, charter, and online opportunities for kids k-12. Fort Collins also has 5 College and University’s within 40 miles traveling distance. Online, commuting, or in-class oriented, there are many options available for Fort Collins residence.
Fort Collins is listed 14th out of the 100 Best Places to Live by Livability Magazine. See? We aren’t tooting our own horn for nothing. We have many reasons we want you to come be apart of our community and are glad you are making the decision to move to our wonderful community.