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Floor Plan Apps

floor plan

So you have decided to buy a new home that is a fixer upper or one that needs a remodel. It is so exciting to be able to design something the way you want it. There are so many positives as to why being able to remodel is so popular, just turn on the DIY Network. Though, once the property is purchased, what do you do next?

There are varying degrees as to what you can do for yourself and what you need a professional for. The most challenging is visualizing what it is you want to do with your new property. On TV they make it look so easy with computer layout models, but how do they do that? There are a few ways to come up with the architectural layout on a smart device that doesn’t require an engineering degree. Remember the phrase, “There’s an App for that?”

Recently I had a friend who wanted to redesign one of her bedrooms in her small condo. This app was recommended to her and she was so happy how easy it was to use. I’m not going to start comparing apps but this is one example that is available and it is called MagicPlan. The app uses your phone’s camera to create measurements and come up with layouts of the rooms. You are then able to work your own magic and design and move things around yourself. You can do one room or your entire house.

Being able to start planning what you want to do with your new home, without having to wait on the contractor, seems like a big win for the new homeowner. You went through the process of buying a house, now you can start planing what your dream will look like. This app can help you get the look and feel of a professional architect and help you get a head start on planning your fixer upper.