Feeling your way to the right house
With housing demand as high as it is in Colorado, it’s important not to waste time deciding whether to offer on a house. Research is a factor, but emotions are also key in deciding whether a house is right for you. The more comfortable you feel in a house, the fewer changes you’ll have to make after you move in. If you’re on a house hunt, here are a few things that can clue you in to the perfect match.
It meets your needs
This seems obvious, but it’s the most important element. The right house will fit your family, whether it’s the number of bedrooms or the size of the garage. Even if it’s the right price, squeezing yourself into a too-small house will cause all kinds of long-term problems. No house is perfect, but some things are too important to compromise.
You feel relaxed
Some houses seem designed to make you feel like an uninvited guest. For some people, it’s a bathroom that makes you feel like you can’t touch anything. For other people, it’s a tiny backyard with too much cement. Whatever it is, those features will still be there when you buy the house. Yes, some of them can be changed, but something that makes you feel that uncomfortable probably isn’t worth the investment.
The house you want to invest in will make you feel welcome. It might not be the prettiest house, but it’ll be a place you can see your family in. The flow of it may be similar to your old house, or have just the right level of natural light. Whatever it is, it’ll make the house feel like a home.
You’re mentally moving in
One of the biggest signs that a house is right for you is picturing your furniture in it. Trying to decide where the couch will go before you’ve even looked at everything is a message from your instincts. Without words, they’re telling you that the house is a good fit for you. At that point, all that’s left is to work out the details.
Another sign of this is losing interest in looking at other homes. Most home buyers attend a bunch of different showings, urgently trying to find the right house. If your enthusiasm for attending showings suddenly wanes, it’s your subconscious talking to you again. On a fundamental level, you know you’ve already found what you were looking for.