Fear of Buying

Making a home purchase decisions will bring about fear. The fear of always questioning if the home is the right decision or not. The scales can be weighed and the decision clear but the fear is still there. When deciding to buy a home, fear is a definable aspect that can result in regrets. Here are a few regrets that can come from the fear of buying a new home.


Unless you are in the Real Estate Market Industry, trying to understand trends and forecasts, can be difficult. Say you assume things about the market and decide to wait. That wait turns into fear, and the fear will cause you to regret. If you assume that housing prices are just going to keep going up and that you should wait, the probability of you waiting too long is almost a sure bet. Talk with someone inside the industry about the facts and don’t assume or make assumptions. There is a saying that does go along with assume.

Lack of Confidence

In the world of social media and social icons it can be easy to get caught up with what other people have. Watching some television channels with high end homes and comparing what you want to your friends, can lead to lack of confidence in buying. The regret is choosing a home that is not right for you and that is in the wrong location. Sometimes it is hard to be a leader instead of a follower but when it comes to home buying, do yourself a favor and lead. Work with your Agent to find a home that suits you on all fronts. It may take time but it will happen. Don’t be over eager to jump into the home buying ship without the proper floatation devices.

Missing Out

It may look good on the outside but the inside has turned into a money pit. Don’t be impatient with the house buying process. The steps are there for a reason, to keep you financially safe. Work with your Agent on home inspections and seeing the home on multiple occasions. Don’t be pressured with multiple offers and other people hurrying you along. The fear of missing out is a real thing and it will be used to hurry you along. Don’t regret buying a home that turns into a money pit because of missing a home inspection. In this instance, walk – don’t run.

These are just a few fears and regrets that can turn the home buying process into a nightmare. The way to combat these fears is by using a professional agent who does have your best interest in mind. At C3 you will find every Agent puts your needs first and will help you make good decisions, work through your fears, and keep regrets at a minimum.