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Competitive Market Home Buying Strategies

Let’s just come out and say it, “Stop snowing! It’s May and I’m ready for sunshine!”

Alright, now that we have gotten the obvious elephant off our chests. But seriously, I can’t believe it is snowing, again, in Fort Collins. It’s a joke to say the S-word, but now it’s getting ridiculous. Does mother nature think we live in Canada now?

Let’s talk a bit about the housing market in Colorado. Everyone knows it’s a competitive market. Trying to buy a new home in CO can be a bit tricky and sometimes frustrating when you see the house you want get pulled out from underneath you. That is why today we are going to talk about some strategies for buying a new home in a competitive market.


It cannot be stressed enough, especially in a competitive market, that you need to have pre-approval. This is almost equivalent to a golden ticket. It may not buy you the property that you are interested in but it will get you in the door. Being able to actively participate, and jump on new listings with a pre-approval already in hand, will keep you ahead of those who do not. In a competitive market home buying takes on a life of its own. Everyone is busy so stay on top of paperwork to help speed up the process.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

There is a lot of new communities being built and new home building lots going up for sale. Staying active in the search process will help you stay informed about what is available. Talk to friends, neighbors, your children’s friends parents. Sometimes you can sneak ahead of the pack by finding out if something new is coming available. Maybe someone in your child’s school just received a job transfer. Keep your eyes and ears peeled about anything pertaining to real estate.

C3 is Your Friend

Have you taken a look at the Agents page on the C3 website? Now think of that in exponential terms. If one real estate agent talks to 3 agents, and they talk to 3 more. The exchange of information can reach far and wide. Ask your C3 Agent to be put on a waiting list, or multiple lists for properties you are interested in. Give them detailed information about what you are looking for so that when, over morning coffee, another agent mentions a new property they are listing, you will be the first call. It doesn’t hurt to make friends and network.

These are just a few strategies to stay ahead in a competitive market. Colorado is hot right now! Alright, it’s actually going between rain and snow, but you understand my drift. (Please don’t snow enough to make drifts!) The housing market in Colorado is setting records that are echoing across the country. It’s a great place to live and C3 is here to help make that a reality for you.