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Commercial Real Estate Investing

commercial real estate

Commercial Real Estate Investing

There is a growing movement for financial independence and reaching a neutral cash flow quicker than any generation before. One of the most lucrative avenues for being cash neutral and earning passive income is buying investment properties. This could mean buying commercial real estate or buying a home that is a multi-family dwelling. Another avenue that is becoming popular in Colorado is home-sharing. Buying a home and then renting or sub-letting out the home as either AirBnb, VRBO, or even job-share for temporary housing assignments, is fast becoming a way to make even more passive income than traditional rentals. Regardless of which type of investment property you want, if you are stable and investing, it could be a key contributing factor to an earlier retirement goal.

Stable and Investing

Single, stable and investing is a phrase to help emphasize that home buying and real estate investment buying is not just for couples any longer. Single people, who have steady income, and have been long term renters, are realizing that investment properties can help boost their portfolios. There is sometimes a stigma attached to home buying that it needs to be a couple or duo of some type. That is not that case any longer. Single, stable income people are snatching up properties almost as quickly as they go up. The investment property industry is on the rise.

Rising Industry

Investment proprieties are on the rise in booming Northern Colorado. Just take a drive and you will see all the new home construction that is going on across the Front Range and beyond. Along with these new housing areas, commercial real estate is on the rise to accommodate and provide services for one of the top 5 fastest growing states in 2019. It also topped out at #2 for 2018. That is a lot of growth and a lot of opportunity going on in the area.

If you earn a stable income and are looking to invest in Real Estate, give a C3 Agent a call. We have multiple agents who specialize in investment properties, commercial and or multi-family units. It wouldn’t hurt to sit down and go over the numbers, and shop around for a mortgage. Real Estate investment can help you start earning passive income and help set you up for long term financial goals.