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Central Air

I remember as a kid, the hassle my father would go through every spring having to install window air conditioner units in our home. One in the main living room, and one in my parents bedroom. That was it.  All the kids bedrooms would have large box fans. To install the AC we would have to remove the screens, clean the sills, and find the pre-cut boards. We also had to find the big board that would prop up the enormous backside of the air conditioner outside the living room window. It was never any fun and I remember a lot of swearing by my father.

Now, as an adult, if I want air conditioning I just go to the panel on my wall and hit cool. If I want it warm, I hit heat. It even has a fan option. A friend of ours has his central heating and air connected right to his phone. This is now an option when looking to buy a new home. If having a push button solution for heating and cooling appeals to you, there are some facts that you should be aware of.

Duct, Duct, Clean

In order to have a proper heating and cooling system that is central to your home and operates in all rooms, the house needs to be equipped with a duct system. This duct system is what provides the air transfer from the unit throughout the home. One benefit of having a HVAC system is that the air is filtered. However, this also means that the filter and duct system will need to be cleaned, ideally, once a year to prevent mold, mildew and dust.

Temperature Up or Down

If you live in a climate that you can consistently have the air around the same temperature, the system will save you money in the long wrong. Likewise, living in Northern Colorado with the system, you will have to change between cool air and warm air, sometimes within the same month, week, or day. Having to change the thermostat in any direction will use energy and this will increase the electric bill, especially, in the summer months. Make sure you consider the numbers before committing to a house with a system you are not familiar with.

Modern Technology

The other aspect of having a new home and new appliances, such as central air and heating, is that you can pair them with a smart home devices. This does allow you to control the settings of your home when you aren’t there. It can be even smarter than just setting energy efficient settings, like turning up or down the heat or air when you aren’t at home and during the night. If you get a chance, stop by a home show to see the latest in HVAC system technology and what could be available for your home.