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Home Improvement

Energy Saving Light Bulbs

I have noticed in the late evenings as I walk my dogs, the many different colors of light coming out of people’s windows. This is especially true now since the days, alas, are starting to get shorter and the sun is setting sooner. When I approach my house at the end of the walk, the…

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Central Air

I remember as a kid, the hassle my father would go through every spring having to install window air conditioner units in our home. One in the main living room, and one in my parents bedroom. That was it.  All the kids bedrooms would have large box fans. To install the AC we would have…

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Unwanted Housemates

As I was wiping my kitchen counter, I suddenly noticed that what I thought was just a coffee ground, was walking away from me. It was in fact one of those tiny, “sugar ants” that seem to appear every late spring and no matter how much ant bait I put out, always seem to thrive.…

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New Construction Upgrades

The new housing market is on the rise in Colorado. It is a great time to do a new home build if that is something you have always wanted to do. Having the choice to buy a house or build a house is something to consider. Most people have at one time or another played…

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Buying a New Sofa

new sofa

Since you have done the research and have been through the process of buying a new home, now it’s time to reward yourself and set your new home up. Going through the home buying process can be arduous but rewarding. Now that it’s time to consider the actual move, why not purchase a new sofa?…

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Preparing Your Home for Extreme Cold


Have you thought about buying a new home in Colorado? This article will help you with some extreme winter tips because this past week a Polar Vortex has plunged much of the USA into extreme colds. When you have a home, old or new, there are some methods to take into consideration when the temperature…

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Tidying Up Trending

tidying up

Is buying or selling your home on your list of New Years Resolutions this year? If it is, fantastic! If it isn’t, don’t worry. You can always start thinking about selling or buying a new home, or just follow along as we talk about one trending New Years Resolution that is starting to sweep the…

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Credit Score

Get your credit score ready to buy a home   In a seller’s market like Colorado, you need to have the right credit score in order to be able to buy a house. Figuring out what that score is, and how to improve the score you already have, is an important part of home buying.…

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Simple Holiday Open House Decoration Ideas

Are you trying to sell your home during the holidays? This is not an impossible task and actually gives you a chance to showcase your home in a clean, simple manner. Open houses are a great way for potential buyers to come and imagine themselves living in your home. You are trying to make it…

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Pet Owner Cleaning Tips

Do you have animals in your home? Are you an owner of dogs, cats, birds, or other types of exotic animals? One of the best feelings of owning your own home is being able to have any type of animal you want without having to confer with a landlord or pay a pet deposit.  …

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