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Buying a New Sofa

new sofa

Since you have done the research and have been through the process of buying a new home, now it’s time to reward yourself and set your new home up. Going through the home buying process can be arduous but rewarding. Now that it’s time to consider the actual move, why not purchase a new sofa? Think about how old the current one is and really ask if it will fit in the new home. This would be a great opportunity to start the new home out with a new look and decor.

Quality of Sofa

There are a lot of furniture stores that sale new and gentle used sofas. Ask yourself what type of quality you are willing to budget for. Is this a new home that is just for empty nesters who can manage to have a higher quality sofa and not worry about childhood spills of grape juice? Will there be pets on the furniture? Is it time to raise a family? A lot goes into the sturdiness, joints, arms, and fabric quality of a sofa. As when purchasing a new home, try and imagine what lifestyle the sofa will have with your family.

Size and Fit

A previous article touched on the square footage of a room. When considering what size couch to purchase, a good method is to use tape. In your new home put down some tape to mark where you would like the sofa to go. Visualize how far out in the room it might intrude, and space around the sides. This will give you a good layout and measuring tool to start shopping for a sofa that will fit the dimensions of your new home. Do take into consideration possible moving in hazards of narrow doors, staircases, or odd entryways. These can be managed with sofas that are assembled inside the home.

Number of Seats

How many people will be sitting and using the sitting space on the sofa? Is it going to be a showpiece for a sitting room or the main area of an entertainment room? Can you imagine watching a long movie or curled up reading a good book on it? Do you have a tendency of falling asleep on the sofa and would enjoy some laying down comfort? There are so many different types and sizes of sofas available now, that it is possible to really find what you are desiring, especially for your new home.


Using the word sofa and couch is pretty much interchangeable these days. Though, if you were asked the question on a trivia game the answer is this. A sofa is derived from the Arabic word “suffah” which is a wooden bench covered in cushions. It can often seat many people at a time. A couch typically can only sit 2 to 3 people. Now you have a little trivial knowledge you can share with your guests.