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Bike Paths in Fort Collins

Recently I got to show off and cruise the bike paths in Fort Collins with a few friends from out of town. This was their first stay and they know that I am an avid biker and that when I can, I use the paths to commute to work. It was a chance to also point out some homes to buy in Fort Collins that had easy access to the bike path. They were impressed and are now looking for a property.

Mileage Within Limits

One of the more impressive aspects of the bike paths in Fort Collins is that there are over 280 miles of it. More so, there are only 30 miles of shared bike space. That makes a lot of room for the wheels and those wanting to be able to do the activity safely. Fort Collins is one of the leading cities to incorporate and put to the forefront of bicycle path use. The use of these trails is recreational but also functional and used heavily for green transportation. When accessing the local resources of these trails the user can go to work, school, restaurants, breweries, and so much more!

Mileage On the Road

If the bike paths in Fort Collins aren’t attractive enough, there is even more biking! The region is world-renowned for road biking. It is great for cyclists wanting to train on the abundance of flats and it has challenging steep terrain when approaching the front range. Steep canyons and winding mountain roads offer a challenge for upper-level riders.

Dirt and Mountain Miles

For those who like a different type of riding, Fort Collins offers an abundance of mountain biking trails. There are natural areas, state parks, and bike parks all within minutes of town. This makes for an easy commute sans vehicle to miles of trails! There are even parks designed for BMX riding and to test mountain biking skills. Oh, I want to go ride now!


When my friends went hiking, I was able to tell them about a group I would bike ride with to that location. As I thought about it, I could name a handful of bike organizations and groups. With further research, there are over 10 organizations and even more groups that enjoy riding together. In other words, Fort Collins is a haven for bicycle enthusiasts of all types, whether you want to ride alone, with a group, or to work. It is a fantastic place to live if you enjoy two-wheeled activities.