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Against the Trend

It is back to school time for most children across Colorado and the country. Summer is coming to a close and new daily routines are being set back up. Most people with children who want to buy a new home try and do so before the school year. This is done for many obvious reasons. The trend that usually happens in Real Estate is that towards the end of the summer buying and selling slow down. This doesn’t mean that you can’t buy or sell a home during this time but it means you may go against the trend.

Trend Markets

If you are trying to sell, it may mean having to take a lower offer on your property. It could also mean the reverse is true and if you want to buy a house sooner, you may have to be willing to offer above. Don’t be too put off though, going against the trend isn’t always a bad thing. It all depends on what your time frame is and how high and low you are able to go.

If you are waiting for the next surge it could benefit you to watch the growth of secondary cities. When you visit the C3realestatesoultions website, you will notice that they not only serve Fort Collins and Loveland, but Windsor and Berthould as well. This is because the outlaying regions are producing more and more opportunities for real estate growth. The overall market trend is slowing just a bit, but it isn’t stopping.


Coming up in the fall season, all predictions and indications are still for growth. It is still a good time to buy, sell, or invest in properties. The hustle of summer is shortly coming to a close as well as the changing of the seasons. This usually is a good time for evaluating and reevaluating the market. C3 Agents keep a close eye on all the comings and goings of the market. They are willing to help you go against the trend and buy or sell your house now.