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Advertise your home right

Advertise your home right

No matter how amazing the house you’re selling is, you need to advertise it properly in order to make sure potential buyers can see those amazing qualities before they walk in the door. Though many realtors already have options for great advertising programs, here are some quick tips to help you make the most of every possibility available.

Photograph your home the right way

Pictures give potential buyers the chance to see your home before they actually see it, which means that this is the time to show it off in the best light possible. Hiring a professional photographer with experience in real estate photography can make all the difference when it comes to generating interest. Homes look better from different angles than humans do, and you want someone who knows all the tricks to make your home look as good as you know it can be. If you don’t know of anyone, contact the Colorado Association of Realtors and see if they can give you a reference in your area.

Even if someone else is taking the pictures, there’s plenty you can do to help them look their best. Make sure your home is fully staged before the shots are taken, from mowing the lawn and trimming the hedges to re-organizing and cleaning inside. Boosting the light levels in the home will help the photos be brighter and more appealing as well.

Take advantage of every advertising opportunity

You never know where you might find the right buyer for your home. Ask your real estate broker/agent what kind of advertising opportunities they have available, and take advantage of as many as you can afford. If you need to limit the number, ask the broker/agent for statistics about what forms of advertising have been most successful for previous clients who live in your area.

One thing to keep in mind is that it’s also important to advertise to other real estate brokers/agents as well as potential buyers. Reaching out to someone looking for a home can draw in one additional person or family, but catching the attention of a real estate broker/agent can potentially draw in everyone on their client list. Sending out targeted e-flyers and hosting broker/agent specific home tours are good ways to get your home seen by the right people.

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