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5 Savvy Tips to Help Your House Sell in an CO Winter

Colorado is home to some bitter winters, and you know it.
The cold temperatures, icy roadways, and snow covered streets might make you think that it will be impossible to sell in an CO winter.
Good news, there are plenty of homes that sell regardless of the season. However, those homeowners go above and beyond and make sure their home is adequately prepared to attract those random wintry buyers.
5 Things You Must Do to Sell in an CO Winter Season
1. Remove Personal Items
People will come into your home and focus more on the interior because the exterior is covered in snow. So, you do not want them to think of it as walking through a stranger’s house. Remove all personal items so that the buyer can picture themselves in the home.
2. Add Tons of Light (Natural and Artificial)
Adding light brings warmth. Turn on the lights for every showing appointment, have the fire crackling in the background, and open the curtains.
The more natural light you bring in, the larger the space will feel too.
3. Cut out Clutter
It is easy for clutter to get out of control in the winter. However, you need to make your living space look as large and inviting as possible. To do so, you must remove all the unnecessary clutter.
Pick up jackets and boots that are lying around, clean up the blankets on the couch, and clean off the countertops. Houzz recommends removing clutter, including anything you have not used for a year, to create the look of more room.
4. Spruce up the Curb Appeal
While you cannot plant flowers, or spruce up the trees, you can keep the walkways shoveled and salted.
Also, trim any trees and shrubs you can reach so that they do not appear as though they are growing over.
5. Be Tasteful with Holiday Décor
Holiday décor is still inviting.
You can add holiday decorations to your home during the winter, such as a centerpiece for Thanksgiving or a wreath on the door for Christmas.
Just go light with the decorations and try to keep away the personal décor items.