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3 Tips to Add Curbside Appeal to Your Home

front door

Next week will be March! It’s time to start getting ready for spring. The sun will be a lot warmer and everything will become greener. This is the time to buy or sell your home. People are eager for a fresh new start and it’s easy to add some curb appeal to your home. Whether you are the buyer or the seller, these tips can be appreciated from both sides of the coin.

Hello Sunshine – This is a great time to let the natural light shine into your home. To let the light in, it’s time to wash off the winter grim. The inside should be pretty simple but don’t fret to call a professional company to do the outside windows, especially if you have a two story home. Most new window installs make it easy to clean both sides from the inside, but a house still may have sturdy, older windows. If this is the case, call a company to help spruce up the outside. Clean, bright windows will help attract potential buyers to your home, and the natural light on the inside can help highlight the homes qualities.

Don’t Trip on the Walk – The first thing that buyers will see, or feel, will be your walkway. If it needs attention, like cracks filled in, or smoothed out, this would be an excellent time. You want the first impression of your home to make buyers feel excited at what you have, not what they will need to change. Winter can be harsh on paved surfaces so clean or seal new cracks, and make sure there are no tripping hazards.

Welcome Home – This may sound cheesy but make the front door as welcoming as possible. This may require painting and removing any exposed wood that is starting to come off. Like the windows above, if your front door has any windows or a glass door, clean it up so the sun sparkles. Another easy decoration tip is adding a seasonal wreath to adorn the door. Even put little signs near the door, but don’t over clutter. You want the buyer to image what decoration they can use.

Spring is a time that puts a little pep in everyones step. Use the advantage to help add a little curbside appeal to your home to make it stand out to potential buyers. Be a proactive seller. Remember you can always check with your C3 agent for additional staging tips and ideas.